Lovey Tabbie - Texan

Lovey Tabbie - Texan

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Lovey Tabbies are travel friendly, snuggly blankets that are easier to pack & carry along than a full-sized blankie. Keep one in the car, daycare, even grandma’s house. It’s a little piece of home your little one can take anywhere.

They are soft, colorful, and the different textures stimulate their tactile senses.

Both slobber & washer friendly, all Luvy Tabs are made from 100% cotton or poly-cotton blends that are hypoallergenic. And all tabs are cotton, satin, or grosgrain poly-blend & stitched into place for durability & security.

Each blanket is hand-crafted and unique.  

Measurements are typically 16 x 16" but may vary slightly.